Audiovisual Resources

Here you can find links to video, audio and photographic resources on climate change,  water systems, and related impacts on people. (For reports, articles and other written resources see here, and for educational resources go here). If you know of a resource that should be listed on this page, please write to

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Climate Change is About…Women – a Democracy Center photodocumentary project about a women-led community on the edge of Cochabamba, whose resilience to multiple social problems helps equip them to be resilient in the face of climate change impacts.

Landslides in Bolivia (Photo slideshow from Reuters, 2011)

The Human Impact of Climate Change: Personal Stories from Brazil, Belize and Bolivia (Video series from the Climate Reality Project)

National Climate Assessment: Americans on the Front Lines of Climate Change (A Vimeo channel from The Story Group)

Last Call at the Oasis (Documentary from Participant Media on the global water crisis)

Sun Come Up (Documentary about the Carteret Islanders forced onto higher ground by rising sea levels)

Coping with Climate Change: 2 Texas Towns Struggle for Water (PBS Newshour, March 2012)

Geetu’s Story: climate change in Bangladesh (Oxfam, 2010)

Snows of the Nile (Documentary on disppearing glaciers in Africa, Day’s Edge Productions)

Frosts and Floods (Part of CIPCA’s series of videos about climate change impacts in Bolivia)

Droughts and Fire (another instalment in the CIPCA series on Bolivia and climate change)

Climate Change – The Causes (Teacher’s TV)

Climate Change South America (EcoACCESO)

UK Experts on Climate Change and Water (BritishSatelliteNews)

What is Climate Change – Met Office Climate Change Guide (UK Met Office)


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