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climate_change noticeboardWe hope that this resource has helped inform users about the realities of climate change impacts and what they mean for vulnerable populations. If it has also inspired you to do more to raise awareness and think about solutions, and you have something to share with others using this site, this is the place to do that. Read more about the Climate Classroom.


Basic RGB If you or your students have produced materials or ideas based on the content in the microsite or the accompanying Teaching and Activities Guide, we would love to publish that here in the Climate Classroom Gallery so that you and other teachers, students and campaigners visiting the site get the chance to see and share it. Or, if you have been doing other relevant work on climate change, water, and related impacts – then we would love to see that too!

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The Climate Classroom Gallery

NotiAlarmes – Alfonso Pedrajas Foundation – Tiquipaya, Bolivia

video iconIn 2012 The Democracy Center worked with a group of young journalists and climate change activists, supported by the Alfonso Pedrajas Foundation, to make this film about climate change in Bolivia. Over two days the group of 11-19 year olds conceived, scripted, produced and acted the content, and the Democracy Center did the filming and editing. The group decided to explore the impacts of climate change by shooting a ‘news bulletin’ documenting the kinds of crises that make the real news in Bolivia, but also with a clear message to the public to get involved in helping make a change.

NotiAlarmes II

A year later many of the same group, supported by the Alfonso Pedrajas Foundation, PADEM
the Centro Cuarto Intermedio collaborated to produce a second instalment of NotiAlarmes – this time focused specifially on water. This one is only in Spanish though…

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