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1. Climate Change is About…Water: Teaching and Activities Guide

Basic RGBWelcome to our Climate Classroom. For educators and learners of all kinds, we have produced a special accompanying Teaching and Activities Guide to use alongside this resource. The site and guide have been designed for use with older secondary level students upwards, and can be adapted for self-led or teacher-led exploration in both formal and informal settings. The Guide is divided into sections to mirror the Chapter headings used throughout the site. As well as background notes, a glossary and a brief introduction to each section, the Guide is full of questions to aid discussion and independent research, and individual and group activities for learners to engage in – many of which ask them to reflect on climate change as a global issue, and to think about what citizens can do to confront it.



Download the Climate Change is About…Water Teaching and Activities Guide


2. Share Your Work Here

Image from here If you look at the Conclusions section of the microsite, you will see that we are not offering any set answers to the question ‘what needs to be done?’. The impacts of climate change is too large and complex a set of problems for any one solution, and addressing it has to be a collaborative effort from across nations, communities and generations.If using the Climate Change is About…Water microsite or Teaching and Activities Guide has inspired you or your students to produce ideas or materials that you would like to share with others, then we encourage you to do that right here on this website. We have created a virtual Climate Classroom Gallery to share and display the work you have been doing exploring the issues around climate change, water and related impacts. If you have outputs from the Teaching Guide activities – maps, stories, photos, podcasts, videos, letters to politicians, awareness-raising materials and anything else you have come up with – then we want to hear from your school, group or institution. Go to the Climate Classroom Gallery.

3. Discuss your ideas directly with others

Image from hereThis microsite has been produced in both English and Spanish and is being shared with the Democracy Center’s networks around the world. It is our hope that this project can help facilitate discussions between students and learners from different countries and situations, to share and compare their own circumstances and their responses to the issues raised in ‘Climate Change is About…Water’. As students in both Cochabamba and California face a common threat to water resources because of climate change, what insights could they exchange with each other? With your permission we will share your institution’s contact information on the Climate Classroom Gallery so that teachers and students can get in touch with others who are working on these issues, in an effort to generate interaction and collaboration.

Learn more

Please go to our Resources pages for lots more information and tools on climate change and water, and related issues. There is a growing archive of reports, articles etc., audiovisual resources, and further teaching aids. Visit the Links page to find out who else is working on these issues. To find out more about the Democracy Center visit

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This microsite has been designed with educators, learners and activists in mind, and we hope that you find it useful. This site has been put together by the Democracy Center, which has been engaged for many years in connecting citizens across the globe with the realities of life in Bolivia, including the impacts of climate change. It is our aim that the content and issues raised here, and the way they have been presented, provide for an accessible and original resource to use in all kinds of learning spaces. We welcome feedback, so if you have any comments please write to