Climate Classroom Gallery

See videos (and other materials) from students and groups taking action on climate change, water, and related topics. Share your work with others on this page.

What is to be done?

Watch social activist Marcela Olivera and UN climate negotiator Rene Orellana talking about what they think needs to happen for Bolivia to confront the crisis of climate change and its impacts on water.

Climate Crises Worldwide

Read about climate impacts across the globe – and watch a short video on the Polar Vortex of January 2014.

Stories from Khapi

In 2010 the Democracy Center visited Khapi and made this video about a community living in the shadow of the great Mount Illimani, where disappearing glaciers threaten their way of life as well as their traditional culture.

When the Rains Fall: Impacts on a Vulnerable Population

Read about the flooding in Quillacollo and watch a video by Bolivian organization CIPCA on ‘Frost and Floods’.

Drought in Pasorapa

Read about the drought in Pasorapa and watch a video by Bolivian organization CIPCA on ‘Drought and Fire’.

Why Climate Change is About Water

“What are the most important things that you want people around the world to understand about the impacts of climate change on water in Bolivia?” – watch the video of UN negotiator Rene Orellana’s response.

Full interview with René Orellana

René Orellana, Bolivia´s Chief Climate Negotiator, talks to us about the threats facing Bolivia´s water systems due to climate change, and how the country needs to adapt.