Floods in Quillacollo

  • Quillacollo is the second largest city in the department of Cochabamba (see map below).
  • It is located 13 kilometers (approximately 30 minutes) from the city of Cochabamba.
  • Based on some estimates, the population has already surpassed 300,000.

The city of Quillacollo has seen an explosion of population growth over the past decade, almost doubling since the last census was taken in 2001.  Located just 30 minutes drive from the capital of the department, Cochabamba, many rural Bolivians have relocated to Quillacollo in search of the economic opportunities that these urban centers can offer. While cheap housing is accessible to many poor migrants, it is often built near flood zones close to the Rocha River and thus compounds the vulnerability of these new arrivals. Many residents of these areas are the first to be adversely affected when the rainy season begins.

A house in Quillacollo following flooding in 2011

On February 21st, 2011 intense rains caused the Rocha river to overflow in the south of Quillacollo, flooding five nearby neighborhoods.

  • Close to 1,000 families were affected by the floods with water remaining in their homes for up to a week.
  • In the worst cases, water rose above waist level
  • 19 homes collapsed completely


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Satellite view of Quillacollo: